Frequently Asked Questions

The most common answers about Rife technology

+Who was Raymond Royal Rife?

You can find a lot of websites and books about Rife. As our website is more targeted to lab/research work and people who know already who Rife was, we advise you check some other online resources. Some hystorical ones are:;;;; Please, beware that you will find some genuine and some biased things (expecially when they try to explain how the Rife effect works). It is up to you to draw your conclusions.

+What did Rife do?

Rife is known especially for his Universal Microscope and his Beam Ray machine. The microscope was said to go well beyond the limits of current optical microscopes, with magnifications up to 60,000 diameters. The Beam Ray was a plasma device able to emit some specific radiations that could deactivate/shatter pathogenic microorgamisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses). Please, refer to "Who was Raymond Royal Rife" for further references.

+I have a special expertise. May I join your research group?

Of course! Just get in touch with us and we will further discuss.

+Do you have Rife original material that was not yet shared on the net?

Yes, we have even the original patents that prevented Rife from patenting his original machine.

+Do you have any studies, clinical trials, etc.?

Yes, we have a lot of material, including precise blueprints for the microscopes and the Rife machines, CAD simulations, circuits, spreadsheets to calculate the Absolute MORs, specific clinical studies for specific pathogens, and much more.

+May I access your document repository and view your studies?

Our document repository is reserved for our researchers.

+I am a manufacturer. Can I benefit from your studies or partner with you?

Of course. We can certify your machines and provide you with all your needs to produce authentic Rife machines.

+Is there any special secret in Rife technology?

There is one thing that current researchers ignore and there is something that is borderline science. The former can be easily understood. Rife did not have all the instruments we have today at our disposal. He had to consider a lot of parameters and lacked the complete understanding of the underlying equations. Nowadays, we know that it is not about the MORs, which were just the mask of another parameter, which we call Absolute MORs. Concerning the borderline aspect, Rife exploits a phenomenon that is known but currently unexplored by science. So, there is still no definite answer about how the deactivation/shattering takes place.

+Where can I buy a Rife microscope?

Nowhere. Eric Rowley and Stan Truman patented parts of the Universal Microscope (obviously the Patent Office was not aware that certain things were already in the public domain), but they did not manufacture a finished product yet.

+Could you replicate the Rife microscope?

Partly. We need more funding to complete the replica. However, the same people we got our knowledge from, silently used replicated Rife microscopes for years.

+Does the Rife microscope work on fluorescence, phase contrast, etc.?

There are many wrong theories around. Some think that Rife is a precursor of some modern exotic technique. The true is that Rife just used the knowledge and tools of his time. His microscope is very basic, despite it can still surpass all modern optical microscopes. It is just a monochromatic polarizing microscope with a prismatic light path.

+On which principle does the Rife microscope work?

The Rife microscope works on the principle of refraction. Usually, a small microorganism is not visible in direct light. By using a specific wavelength that refracts from the microorganism at a certain angle, it becomes visible and stained in a specific color. Actually, it is not the entire microorganism refracting the beam, but a certain chemical constituent. The viewed color is complementary to the wavelength of the illuminating beam and therefore it is lowered in the spectrum in order for us to see it.

+How do you tune up a Rife machine under the Rife microscope?

You must collimate the beam from the Rife machine to the microscope illuminating beam. When they are the same, they will deactivate the pathogen.

Rife Machine
+Can I buy a Rife machine?

Most of the devices bearing the name of "Rife machine" are not Rife machines. You can find some modern Beam Ray replicas, but they are useless without proper tuning.

+Do you manufacture Rife machines?

No, we only do research work.

+How can I tell if device "ABC" is a true Rife machine?

A true Rife machine employs a plasma tube (no contact pads), high voltage, quite high currents, frequencies in the kHz-MHz range. It has a RF carrier wave. It comes supplied with a pathogen list and related MORs tuned up specifically for that machine. If two machines have identical MORs, the machine is not tuned up.

+Is there a list of true Rife machines?

We will make available a list of certified devices as they become available. Manufacturers are invited to join our certification program. We can address specific issues of their devices and advise about proper tuning in order to get the original Rife effect.

+What is a MOR?

MOR means Mortal Oscillatory Rate. It is generally a frequency in the kHz-MHz range that serves to pump the electron tube at the correct energy level that can impact a specific constituent of a microorganism. At his time, Rife had no other means to measure this energy, which is tube dependent. This made it very difficult to replicate his findings. Nowadays, the Absolute MOR is used as a direct replacement for the MOR, as it is not machine dependent and is replicable.

+What is an Absolute MOR?

The Absolute MOR is the principle that stays behind the MOR - i.e. the real working principle of Rife machines. It is not machine dependent and allows easy replication, granted that certain equations are applied. With the Absolute MOR, the issue of exact voltage control, tube dimensions, electrode shape, etc., are overcome and a list of correct MORs can be generated for the specific machine.

+How is a MOR determined?

A MOR for a specific Rife machine targeted at a specific constituent of a microorganism is determined when the beam from the Rife machine is collimated to the microscope illuminating beam and it produces the microorganism's deactivation. Being machine dependent, if you change a single component in the machine, you must recalculate the MOR.

+Is there a way to calculate mathematically the MOR or the Absolute MOR?

Partly. Nowadays, we have the equations that Rife did not have and we can calculate almost every parameter. There is still something we cannot calculate, but we can easily retrieve it from scientific literature.

+I have the "ABC" illness. Can I use your studies/devices to cure it?

We only provide research aid. If you want to use our research practically, you are the only one responsible to do that. That said, there are enormeous lists online, pretending to heal practically every illness on earth. The Rife machine does not work like that and is very specific. It targets only studied microorganisms. Mostly, it will be likely that your illness is not included. Moreover, there are certain risks connected to using Rife technology.

+Is the real Rife technology safe?

Everybody would like to believe that it is harmless. Crane even got to a great extent to prove that the Beam Ray emitted no UV, etc., at the sunset of Rife technology. However, Rife almost lost his eyes under the UV exposure of his microscope. He was using quartz glass everywhere, just to allow UV to pass through. Rife first and effective technology was working just with single flashes and needed to be quite powerful to do that. According to modern standards, it would be deemed unsafe to use it.

+Is Rife technology used somewhere nowadays?

Rife technology is used in many industries nowadays, despite it is not attributed to Rife. Since the '60s, all that Rife had found out was rediscovered. Very little changed and the machines are all still very similar.

+How much should a Rife session last?

A rife session can last from a fraction of a second to, at maximum, 3 minutes. Laboratory machines are optimized to inactivate pathogens in a very short time. Clinical machines delay the effect, so that the patient is somewhat safer. However, the 3 minutes limit should not be passed with an authentic Rife machine, as the body reaction might be too strong to endure.

+Why do they advise to run some Rife machines for hours?

Simply because they are not Rife machines and they rely, mostly, just on an electromagnetic effect, which is quite weak compared to Rife technology.

+What is Rife one-flash technology?

One flash technology is just a single powerful flash that can deactivate in a fraction of a second up to 95% of the targeted pathogen. 3 flashes should be enough to deactivate almost all of it.