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RifeLab restored

  • July 30, 2017

We are pleased to announce that RifeLab reopened for the first time since Rife himself run it. We are working on multiple fronts. Explaining how Rife machine were actually supposed to work is just a small piece of the puzzle. We need to know which chemical constituents of the microorganisms Rife was targeting, what are the real working princibles behind the MORs, etc.

Furthermore, technology evolved. What was a great accomplishment in Rife's time shows us just poor understanding of the principles involved. By modernizing Rife research, we can attain far better results. And most of all, we can obtain repeatable and stable results (we know that all Rife's later machines suffered from instability, which was blamed to incorrect tuning of the MORs or incorrect MORS, but it was not only that).

We found the working principles behind the MORs, which we call Absolute MORs. As the term "absolute" implies, they never change. However, when they are ported to a specific machine, a specific MOR list needs to be generated according to the electrical parameters. This is why Rife was always retuning the machines and giving out more than one MOR list. We have the algorithms to calculate the MORs from the Absolute MORs and we thought it was the time to share them.