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Royal Raymond Rife: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies

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Pages: 378

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Author: Del Tin, Fabrizio

Fabrizio Del Tin is an Italian multi-academician and polyhedric visionary scholar.

Coming from a technical background, he excels in many fields, including investigative journalism, demodossology, chemistry, music, music therapy. After years of volunteering in many important international projects, also becoming a human rights activist defending abused men, he felt it was the time to start writing down the many things he had learned in his lifespan, many of which could be of great benefit to mankind, but which are mostly ignored.

Among those, Rife experimentation has always had a special place in his life. Unfortunately, this field is severely bugged with unscrupolous people, misunderstanding, and legend, earning the tag of pseudo-science. For the first time in history, Del Tin presents the true working models and operation of Rife's machines, returning him to science in full title

Level: Intermediate intermediate

Title: Royal Raymond Rife: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies

This book contains a collection of in vitro and in vivo studies that are relevant to Rife technology, with their analysis. It explains the fourth Rife effect, which is ionic, and how we can exploit it to improve the effectiveness of a Rife machine almost doubling it. The cure of some common ailments is also discussed and documented. Bacterial inactivation, apoptosis of cancer cells, accelerated wound healing are well documented and the concept of a new improved Rife machine is introduced